Why We're Special

A combination of many things make West Coast Tomato Growers the most outstanding vine-ripened tomatoes on the market…starting with location, location, location. This landscape is a unique microclimate. It’s this, plus the hand cultural practices we use on each plant, the quality control we employ, the continuing efforts we apply to improve our product, that add up to a superior tomato – one you can be proud to offer your customers.
Vine Grown
 Our vine-grown tomatoes ripen from the inside out through a natural process that allows the fruit to continue maturing even after picking (that’s why we recommend against refrigeration). Growing by this method takes a great deal of time, patience, and attention to detail – but the result is excellence. The result is an West Coast Tomato. 

Great tomatoes are grown naturally, not forced.
One way to recognize such a tomato can be
achieved by handling it – does the skin wrinkle,
or is it overly thick or rough? Does it flatten and
appear runny when sliced? This is not a natural,
field-grown West Coast Tomato. Our
vine-ripened tomatoes are firm; the skin texture is
smooth and inside it is meaty and plump. The proof,
of course, is in the tasting.

The faster we work, the fresher our vine-ripened
tomatoes arrive at your door. That’s why we like to
pick, pack, and ship in ONE DAY!